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CEPHYR is a Centre for Phytotherapy Research and development and has been incorporated in Mauritius in 2009. Our research work is focused on plants and their potential application in the field of cosmetic, nutrition and therapy.

CEPHYR Ltd is part of the CIDP holding of companies. The holding has CRO status (Contract Research Organization) and conducts clinical trial both on behalf of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

CEPHYR is well positioned geographically. It’s proximity to the African continent implies access to a rich and unique flora. The Mascarene islands form part of the global biodiversity hotspots and are blessed with a diversity of traditions and culture. The latter is taking centre stage in the wake of the ratification of the Nagoya Protocol.

CEPHYR is fast consolidating its infrastructure and has recently partnered with Elabio (Paris) with a view to diversifying its service offerings.