CEPHYR is particularly attentive to the Human – Plant relationships.
Value will be added to this nexus through research and development. Thus traditional information which have been handed down from generations will be scrupulously analysed and scientifically tested. CEPHYR proposes to track:

Study the ethnobotanical claims on plants from this part of the world (Reverse pharmacology)

Establish the physico-chemical and bioactive profiles of plant extracts.
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Search for active ingredients to respond to the needs of the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, perfume and food industries

Isolated, characterize the active molecules

Prepare and assess the potential of standardized plant extracts and bioactive molecule

Assist in the development of marketing and communication strategies

Clinical evaluation of the actives and the standardized extracts. CEPHYR works in close collaboration with CIDP which operate under Good Clinical Practices and certified ISO 9001:2008